This is official website of Student English Forum Universitas Jenderal Soedirman.
As the largest English forum, SEF has become the place for organizers and members to develop English and interpersonal skill.

Students from various dicipline in Unsoed are collaborating in SEF to reach the world through English. Learn how to organize program and get new friends here!
We provide you English services such as English Class, Translation, Debate and Talent Coaching. Know more in Product tab.
Make your study time in Unsoed become remarkable!


Regular Class (RC)

Education Department
This program is aimed to new students in Unsoed to learn English more. By following the RC, those who join will be automatically become SEF members for 1 year who deserve otherRead More...

Private Class

Education Department
Private class of SEF will be the best choice for anyone like adult, kid, and teen. The provided English learning will help for being able in certain English skill as requested.

Special Class

Education Department
Seeing that English as an international language is very important to be mastered, SEF provides class for group by cooperation with any institution who wants to learn English. This class is targetedRead More...

Intensive Regular Class (IRC)

Education Department
Intensive Regular Class (IRC) are closed for this period!


SEF Unsoed 26th Duty Handover

Student English Forum (SEF) has done the duty handover on Wednesday (17/01) in 1st floor of rectorate building. The transition of power from Agni Noor Muhammad’s administration (President of SEF 2017 period)Read More...
By : sefunsoed | Jan 23, 2018

Flat Adverb

An adverb is a word that modifies a verb or another adverb, or perhaps an adjective — or possibly even a clause or an entire sentence. How versatile! But there’s more toRead More...
By : sefunsoed | Aug 4, 2017

SEF Unsoed Had Participated in GCC-MSU Program in Thailand

Purwokerto – Student English Forum (SEF) Unsoed had sent their delegation again to the international level. Sabila Rosyidah (Secretary) sent to participate in Global Citizen Camp (GCC) program at Mahasarakham University, ThailandRead More...
By : sefunsoed | Aug 1, 2017

SEF Unsoed Had Participated in P2A-Isan-On Campus Journey Thailand

Purwokerto – Student English Forum (SEF) had sent two delegates for participating in the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) Isan On Campus Journey program in Mahasarakham, Thailand from 1 to 7 of July,Read More...
By : sefunsoed | Jul 15, 2017