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  • Prisoner’s right to Vote

    11 Apr 2015

    “When you are in jail, your right is just living” This quote will appear when we know that the prisoner’s right will be lost if we are a prisoner. Prisoner is person who are suspected in doing crime and get punishment based on the law of certain country. They are claimed as a convicted that […]

  • “ Over Fishing ” Limited Resources, between continuously exploitation and cultivation

    11 Apr 2015

    The sea is one of the natural resources of a general nature, so that everyone can be free to exploit the content of the sea, especially the fish. Fish is one of the biggest selling commodity in the world, because of the advantages that can be very high due to the consumption of everyday people […]

  • The Ladies Night

    11 Apr 2015

     The Ladies’ Night The Ladies’ Nights are often found at liberal country. It is a kind of promotional action from a bars or night club which gives a discount for drinks and covers the charge to female patron or attendance. It’s found at several states in United States and become popular in Dubai, United Arab […]