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This is official website of Student English Forum Universitas Jenderal Soedirman.
As the largest English forum, SEF has become the place for organizers and members to develop English and interpersonal skill.

Students from various dicipline in Unsoed are collaborating in SEF to reach the world through English. Learn how to organize program and get new friends here!
We provide you English services such as English Class, Translation, Debate and Talent Coaching. Know more in Product tab.
Make your study time in Unsoed become remarkable!



Education Department
TOEFL/UEPT Class is a class for they who want to prepare their TOEFL/UEPT test. Currently, we are on “Open Registration” for TOEFL/UEPT class If you curious about TOEFL/UEPT class you can check here. And a TOEFL class will be started soon!  

Special Class

Education Department
Seeing that English as an international language is very important to be mastered, SEF provides class for group by cooperation with any institution who wants to learn English. This Special class is also available as a private class for anyone […]


Talent Development Department
If you’re looking for professional translation service, this is your choice. We provide English to Indonesia or Indonesia to English translation no matter the file or format of your documents. SEF Translation really up hold good service.

4 Tips To Maintain Focus and Motivation

To achieve any goal requires two important things. They are focus and motivation. Focus is there for you to keep you on track of your goal and motivation is the engine that gets you to your destination. Without these two […]
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6 Tips To Solve Problems

Most authors or gurus will avoid talking about problems because it’s a ‘negative’ discussion. Problems can’t be avoided in your life unless you’re no longer living. To deal with problems that come up, you shouldn’t seek to destroy them but […]
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Benefits To Be Gained At The 2019 UNSOED Expo

In the 56th Anniversary of General Soedirman University, UNSOED held an exhibition of innovation products, educational promotions and contests which lasted for four days (10 to 13 October 2019) at the Graha Widyatama UNSOED’s Auditorium. 56th Unniversary took the theme […]
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