5 Common Grammar Mistakes You Never Noticed Before!

After years of education, people still can be confused about something. The things can be Algebra, Atomic Theory, or it can be Grammar! It is normal; even the native speaker could also have grammatical errors. However, how do you prevent grammatical errors? You can start by reading this article to see which common grammatical mistakes that people make. Don’t forget to take note or bookmark this post to remind yourself!

  1. It’s vs. Its
    “It’s” or “its” are the most commonly confused words. Those are pronounced the same but have different meanings. “It’s,” with an apostrophe, is a contraction of “it is” or “it has” However, “Its,” without an apostrophe, is a possessive form of It.
    The spider spun its web. It is a beautiful web.
  2. You’re vs. Your
    The differences between these two are that “You’re” is the contraction of “You are,” while “Your” is a possessive adjective that shows ownership. If you are still confused, let us take a look at the example.
    Your eyes look so beautiful.
    You are so good at math!
  3. To vs. Too
    Technically, when we speak, both of them have the same pronunciation. But when we text someone in a hurry, we accidentally left the “o” or the doubled one. To avoid grammatical errors, we have to know the differences. “To” is a preposition with several meanings, such as “until” and “toward.” Word “to” is used before a noun or verb. Meanwhile, “Too” is an adverb that means “also” that describes the adjective.
    She sent the file to me yesterday.
    It’s too cold outside, we can’t go to the supermarket.
  4. Then vs. Than
    Many people are confused about the differences between Then and Than. Both of them sound alike, but the meanings are entirely different. “Then” is an adverb that describes events in time. In comparison, “Than” is used as a conjunction or to compare something.
    She walked towards him and then stopped.
    Apple is smaller than watermelon.
  5. Who vs. That
    You can use these two words when you’re describing someone or something. This one is tricky, and we have to know the rules. “Who” refers to people/person; that means “who” can be used when you’re describing someone. Meanwhile, “That” refers to people, animals, or things.
    Lily is the one who won the English Competition.
    Loona is one of the girl groups that won the Daesang Trophy.

You might be a little bit confused after reading this post, but it will not last long! Once you practice and get help from this post, you will be a grammar master!

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