6 Things You Should Know Before You Start Learning English

We all know that English is the global language. English has a lot of benefits for all people who fluent in it. So, many people want to learning English because of its benefit. But, is there anything else you should know before learning it? Here are our 6 things you should know!


About the language itsself :

  1. What are the main features of the English language?

It is receptive and heterogeneous because throughout its history it has accepted and adopted words from almost all other languages. It has several ways to express the same ideas or feelings, which makes English a rich and varied language.


  1. Is it easy to pick up?

It is an easy language to pick up at the beginning. It turns a bit more difficult at very high levels, especially if you want to achieve fluency. However, difficult things can be accomplished if you are committed. The most important thing about learning a new language –or any other subject- is to get so involved that it can become part of your lifestyle.


About you :

  1. Set obtainable goals.

What motivates you to learn English and how far do you want to get? Your goals will motivate you and help you choose what areas to focus on.


  1. Feel confident.

Don’t get demotivated because you are not as good as you think. Be positive and turn your negative statements –like “I don’t understand what you are saying” into positive ones : “Can you speak more slowly, please, I am still learning”. Confident students can interact more fluently sooner.


About your learning process :

  1. Surround yourself with English.

Our brains are capable of learning any language, but, to use this ability we need to show our brains that English is an important part of our daily life. How can you do this? There are a number of different ways :

  1. Listen to music, movies, TV shows, radio, attend plays, exhibitions, talks in English, etc.
  2. Speak without thinking of mistakes.
  3. Read English books, newspapers, magazines, comics.
  4. Switch the operating system of your mobile phone, tablet, PC into English.
  5. Write down words and expressions with their meaning and translation if necessary, keep a diary, and write comments in English blogs.


  1. Find a way to make your learning fun.

Do in English all the things you enjoy doing in your own language. You will achieve your goals sooner and more efficiently if you don’t do it on your own, if you don’t pay attention to negative statements about your improvement, if you communicate with people in social media in a meaningful way, and most importantly if you can join other English learners’ groups and exchange experiences with them. Don’t hesitate. Just go for it!


So, here are some tips to prepare before learning English. After you read this article, you have to implementing in your daily life soon. Because practice will make perfect !

SOURCE : Wall Street English

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