6 Tips To Solve Problems

Most authors or gurus will avoid talking about problems because it’s a ‘negative’ discussion.

Problems can’t be avoided in your life unless you’re no longer living. To deal with problems that come up, you shouldn’t seek to destroy them but to look at them as a chance to improve. Simply because, by defeating your problems, you will learn useful lessons.

Here are 6 ways how to treat your problems positively:

  1. Never Feel Misfortune With Your Problems

Always remember that the existence of a problem doesn’t mean you ought to feel misfortunate or shamed. True, the problem might be the consequence of your poor judgment in decisions but regretting that won’t help you to deal with the problem in front of you. Everything happens for a reason and the reason ALWAYS for your own good.

  1. A Problem Means An Opportunity

It’s hard to accept this fact – our mind has its own game of its own. If you can see the ‘opportunity’ in things, you will be able to anticipate the problems because it’s an opportunity for you to learn something new and overcome your weaknesses. Of course we don’t ask for problems to come into our life, but if we’re going to get it, might as well make the best out of it. If you’re given a lemon, make a lemonade out of it.

  1. Be “Professional”

If the problem arises from others (which is very common), you must stay strong not to be affected emotionally by it and don’t let it to enter you. Build up an invisible roadblock to stop the negativity getting into your mind. It’s not easy to do this because when others are emotionally down, they’ll subconsciously affect your emotion as well so if you’re not strong, both of you will go ‘down’. Detach yourself from the problem and treat the problem as an ‘issue’ rather than something personal.

  1. Look Beyond The Problem To See The Solution

You can’t solve your problem if you don’t know what you’re trying to solve and seeing the problem already solved. Secondly, it helps in terms of motivation because it’s always more motivating when you’re in a celebrative mood. Have you watched the movie Lord Of The Rings? If yes… remember how challenging it is for Frodo Baggins to destroy the Ring? His journey has so many obstacles and the only thing that gets him to continue is seeing how wonderful it’ll be once the Ring is destroyed.

  1. Stop Attracting Problems With Your Mind Power

If you continue to get a new problem after a problem is solved, you might want to check how your mind is working. Believe it or not, these problems are the result of your inside and outer mental attitude. You can call it “Law of Attraction” if you want. Have you heard of ‘streak of bad luck’? This is caused by your own mindset. Many people don’t realize what their minds are capable of doing.

  1. Laugh At Your Problems

Humor may be an effective counter poison to a lot of problems of the mind. Next time when you have problems, smile or laugh. Of course your problems won’t disappear but I can bet that you’ll suddenly have more ideas on how to solve problems and also feel less stressful. You’ll never know – it might just turn out to be the most effective “problem solver” tool.

Last of all, think of other people – others who are facing bigger problems than you. You’ll be grateful that your “problem” of unable to buy a new car is actually nothing compared to someone in your city who doesn’t even have a car to drive. Be gratitude with what you have because even if you can’t solve your problems, you still have so many more material things and intangible wonders in your life.


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