Student English Forum is looking for Unsoed student who wants to be part of our family.
As an organizer of SEF you might have to:

  • Spend quite amount of time at HOS (House of SEF, our base) for meetings, trainings, preparing upcoming project, have discussions or even just play with other SEFer (organizers, consultative boards and alumies), etc.
  • Dare to try new things like debating, speech, story telling, teaching, writing articles, photography, marketing, RnD, radio announcing, graphic design, video editing, managing web and many more
  • Work under various circumstances, you are working with various people whose various background and personalities, you also have other priorities e.g. academic, family etc. that sometimes give you more pressure to get your SEF things done

If you are interested, please consider that we only receive application from Unsoed student who currently on the first year of their Bachelor’s or Diploma’s degree (S1 or D3 2018) or second year of Bachelor’s degree (S1-2017). We also require you to tell your parents about SEF and have their permission about joining SEF.
P.S. we give more credits to applicants who committed to be organizers for three period.
Are you ready to join us now? Please fill this form

Thank you to join our Open Recruitment SEF 2018