Again, SEF Won The Thropy In JEC’o English Talent Competition 2016

Sunday, May 22nd 2016

Purwokerto, Central Java

Once more, SEF Unsoed were gaining the achievements on prestigious JEC’o English Talent Competitions held by Justitia English Club Universitas Jenderal Soedirman. Many challengers joined from many faculties in Unsoed, absolutely with their best delegations. There were several categories of competitions on JEC’o, such as Storry Telling, Newscasting, Speech, and Singing contest. On the purpose to gain more trophies, SEF Unsoed sent a team for this project on Story Telling categories, Speech categories, and Newscasting categories.

Based on the result, SEF’s delegations were breaking on Story Telling and Speech categories. They are :

  1. Rahayu Setiawan as the 1st runner up of speech competition.
  2. Mayassisca as the 2nd runner up of newscasting competition.

The trophies and pride were brought to House Of SEF last night. Cheerfulness appeared when took some SEF Family pictures together. “I am not satisfied of my accomplishments yet, therefore it should be increased  to get more achievements and practice more together” – Rahayu Setiawan as 1st Runner Up of speech competition. “Hopefully, The journey is still far away for me. There is another journey to be done. But thank God for this achievement”- Mayassisca as 2 nd  runner up of newscasting competition. Keep fighting and practicing for another challenges,  “be one step forward! ”.

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