Benefits To Be Gained At The 2019 UNSOED Expo

In the 56th Anniversary of General Soedirman University, UNSOED held an
exhibition of innovation products, educational promotions and contests which
lasted for four days (10 to 13 October 2019) at the Graha Widyatama UNSOED’s
Auditorium. 56th Unniversary took the theme “Creating a Superior Generation 4.0
Through Science and Technology Innovation”. Furthermore, through the 56th
Anniversary, this UNSOED Expo 2019 is also form of UNSOED’s gratitude to
the community for their support so far that UNSOED is growing and developing.
During the implementation, we were presented with various activities and
information on science and technology that were packed with education and
entertainment, for example, the 2019 UNSOED Expo presented a variety of
exhibition stands consisting of faculties, UNSOED Units, BUMN, MSME, and
various culinary delights. The 2019 UNSOED Expo was also filled with
interesting competitions, such as Gymnastics, Vocal Contest, High School Band
Competition and did not forget the Archaeological and Cultural Exhibition.

Also, the 2019 UNSOED Expo given free entrance tickets, free medical
examinations, dental examinations, consultations in various fields and presents.
 The community also introduced research and community service activities that had been produced and carried out by UNSOED academic community. So there is no need for much more consideration because there are so many benefits to begained at 2019 UNSOED Expo

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