Breaking 15th, Unsoed team showed its competitiveness in the largest Debating Competition around the Nation

Wafa & Titis, the pair that represent UNSOED in the 6th National Universities English Debating Championship (NUEDC) continue their debating career by achieving Octo-finalist in the largest yet fully funded by Indonesian Government’s Tournament. Involving teams from 12 regions from the whole nation, This year NUEDC took place in STIKES Bali.

NUEDC comprised 7 pre-liminary rounds where the top 32 teams eventually broke to the elimination round. Like the previous editions, There’s also Novice break for the top 16 teams that are not competing in the main break. UNSOED team ended up the 15th rank from the total 96 teams and advanced to Octo. unfortunately, the journey stopped after acting as Opening Opposition under the motion “THW No Longer Recognize Will”, placed them to have the same result like the 5th edition of NUEDC. In Adjudicator Field, Atrih succeed to become panel Judge.

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