Bridge Of Happiness “The 37th SEF Anniversary”

Student English Forum (SEF) has celebrated our “ THE 37th SEF ANNIVERSARY”  with the theme “A Bridge To Gloriousness”. This theme was took because we hope SEF would be a bridge and source of happiness for internal of SEF also society around Universitas Jenderal Soedirman. The series of activities which is conducted to celebrate SEF 37th birthday are SEF Goes to School, Family Gathering and SEF night on our top celebration.

SEF goes to School is a charity in the form of teaching English to school – primary school. This activity was held due to the focus of SEF is “English Field”, therefore, SEF concerned with the development of the English language in Purwokerto especially among primary school pupils and also aims to enhance the enthusiasm of elementary school students in learning English by way of “Fun Learning” so students – primary school pupils who participate in this event to make learning English as something easy and fun. SEF goes to school is held at five elementary school,  they are SDN 1 karawangkal, SDN 1 Grendeng, SDN 4 grendeng, SDN 1 Pabuaran, and SDN 2 Pabuaran. These activities are conducted over three days from Wednesday (9/11) to Friday (11/11). Primary school pupils who participated in the SEF goes to school is grade 4 and grade 5. Teachers who participate in these activities is not only a student of Student english forum but also foreign students from Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and internship students from the International Relations Office UNSOED which came from Colombia and Poland. SEF Goes to School running smoothly and received a positive response from teachers and students in schools – elementary schools which has been visited.1480981876713

SEF Family Gathering is an activity of the reunion of the alumni of SEF derived from purwokerto and also outside purwokerto, the purpose of this activity is to  strengthen the bonding among the alumni student english forum  and organizers. This activity takes place on saturday (26/11) and housed in Baturraden nature schools . Activities undertaken in SEF Family Gathering is a sharing session by alumni, create “Ikatan Alumni” Student English Forum, and the mini games between alumni of SEF.

The last series of celebration activities of “THE 37th SEF ANNIVERSARRY” , which is also the peak celebration is “SEF Night” by using the concept of “Glow Celebration”. SEF Night held on Saturday night (26/11) and held at Graha Widyatama Unsoed. The main objective of SEF Night held beside as the evening peak is to introduce to the public our daily activities and goal during one periode, introducing our profile, launching new logo of SEF, and celebrate with entertainment. Entertainment at Night SEF filled by music entertainment such as music band, solo performance etc. also modern dance and special guest performance by DJ Audrey. The event received great enthusiasm and is followed by many people. Hopefully SEF will be better and always inspiring society on forward.

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