Debate Competition: Unsoed NUDC Selection

Above are our dearest organizers that represent SEF as a debater as well as N1 Adjudicator for the 2022 UNSOED NUDC Selection.

The debaters are:
1. Adhitya Mujibakti Wicaksana – Political Science 2019
2. Okky Syachruddin – International Relations 2020

The N1 Adjudicator:
1. Tegar Pribadhi – Agrotechnology 2020

The debate was conducted on 30-31 May 2022, SEF Debate teams were able to finish the preliminary round, and proceed to the quarter-final and also semi-final, but they weren’t able to continue to the final round. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. May all of the efforts gives a lot of benefits and we are proud of all of you.🔥

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