Friday (23/09/2016), Debate Festival is an english debate competition consist of the 17th Inter Faculty Debating Championship that participated by all participants of each faculty in Unsoed & the 8th Jenderal Soedirman Debating Championship participated by SMA/SMK/MA in National Scope. This event held by Student English Forum, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman placed in Social & Politic Science Faculty during 4 days. This time, Debate Festival raise a theme “Debate Craft: Reborn of a New Legend” which means debate is like a crafting, it was built from zero to hero. Debate is an art, which mean art of arguments arrangement. Also in this year we hope something special, because there will born new legend of debate after this occasion.
This great event participated by 23 teams from 16 SMA/SMK/MA in Indonesia and 21 team from each faculty of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman. The real atmosphere of debating was really felt here especially for JSDC cathegory because the participant coming from the whole of Indonesia’s high school student. Participants was really antuciate in competing to become a champion. In a final eve, joke, laughing, crying was coloured this event which is finally this debate competition grabbed by Economic and Business Faculty for the 17th IFDC dan SMA Immanuel Pontianak forthe 8th JSDC. Continued by Agricultur Faculty as Runner Up for the 17th IFDC and SMAN 2 Cirebon as Runner Up for the 8th JSDC. The event was enlivened by saman dance group from the Faculty of Health Science, Arteris band which are very entertaining supporters of both teams on the eve of the summit.
“I hope Unsoed will have better generation in debate to represent Unsoed in NUDC next year. Make this event as starting point for all of you. Besides, I also see some senior high school’s participant across Indonesia here. Welcome to Jenderal Soedirman University. I hope this event will give you a new experience and boost the spirit of you to achieve more” said Nanda Yusnita as President of Student English Forum.

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