Friendly Visit 2011 “Great Learning on Hilarious Odyssey”

Friendly Visit is one of  big  occasion Student English Forum (SEF) Unsoed and it held for 2 years. Friendly Visit is an internal event Student English forum (SEF) which is the participants of this occasion is organizer of SEF itself. At this year’s the theme for friendly visit is “Great Learning on Hilarious Odyssey,” this theme  means that  Friendly Visit is not only as a regular visit, but also its for refreshing organizers. The material for Friendly Visit according to the needs of each department in SEF. We visited to several institutions and not just visited or comparative studies, but we were on vacation it aims to balance so friendly visited this time can enjoyable and rewarding for all of the organizer.
Friendly Visit to Bali in 2011 that were previously visited in 2009 been to Jakarta and Bandung. This occasion started from the date of 16-20 July 2011. Destination Friendly Visit this time was:

A.   Institutions

  1. Kangguru Indonesia (KGI) is an institution under the Australian embassy. comparative study about  learning to be announcer (broadcasting) and the practice became announcer
  2. Sloka Institution: an institution of media development, journalism, and information comparative study about how to make essay writing
  3. International Language (IC): an educational institution course , study comparative about simulation teaching English and asked questions about the system of English language courses
  4. Bali TV and Denpasar Post: a television media institutions and mass media are still in a single institution study comparative to Denpasar Post newspaper printing requests and asked questions about the website, broadcasting, etc.

B.   Tourism place

  1. Tanjung Benoa Beach
  2. Dreamland Beach
  3. Uluwatu
  4. GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana)
  5. Kuta Beach
  6. Jogger
  7. Merchandise Market

There was so many experiences and lessons can we learned from the event FRIENDLY VISIT 2011 in Bali with the theme “Great Learning on Hilarious Odyssey” hopefully the next Friendly Visit will better than this year. See you in next Friendly Visit. Thank you.

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