This is official website of Student English Forum Universitas Jenderal Soedirman.
As the largest English forum, SEF has become the place for organizers and members to develop English and interpersonal skill.

Students from various dicipline in Unsoed are collaborating in SEF to reach the world through English. Learn how to organize program and get new friends here!
We provide you English services such as English Class, Translation, Debate and Talent Coaching. Know more in Product tab.
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Education Department
TOEFL/UEPT Class is a class for they who want to prepare their TOEFL/UEPT test. Currently, we are on “Open Registration” for TOEFL/UEPT class If you curious about TOEFL/UEPT class you can check here. And a TOEFL class will be started soon!  

Special Class

Education Department
Seeing that English as an international language is very important to be mastered, SEF provides class for group by cooperation with any institution who wants to learn English. This Special class is also available as a private class for anyone […]


Talent Development Department
If you’re looking for professional translation service, this is your choice. We provide English to Indonesia or Indonesia to English translation no matter the file or format of your documents. SEF Translation really up hold good service.

SEF Social Action 2020

Our big occasion this year (2020) is called SEF Social Action or as known as SSA. SSA is a collective action to mobilize internal and external (voluntary) resources to make a change on existing issues in the community which is […]
By : sefunsoed | Aug 9, 2020

5 English Slang Words You Can Use in Daily Conversation

5 English Slang Words You Can Use in Daily Conversation Have you ever think to upgrade your English use to be more native-likely and use the slang to look more used to it? Then you should know some more commonly used English slang […]
By : sefunsoed | Aug 9, 2020


  Hi, Unsoedian! Hello, great people!😄👋 Apa kamu lagi cari UKM yang bisa jadi langkah awal untuk ngembangin skill bahasa Inggris? Tertarik belajar talent-talent bahasa Inggris? Atau.. Cari temen seperjuangan buat lomba-lomba bahasa Inggris atau bahkan program-program exchange?? Come join […]
By : sefunsoed | Jun 28, 2020

SEF Successfully Done Sumatra Online Debate Open 2020

Hello, fellas 👋👋 We have fresh information about debaters from SEF Unsoed! A few days ago, on June 6, 2020, we sent a team to compete in Sumatra Online Debate Open 2020 🥰 Congratulations to Sofyana and Terra for joining […]
By : sefunsoed | Jun 28, 2020