How to Achieve Happiness in Your Life

Many people throughout history have tried to study successful people in order to determine what qualities are necessary to achieve great things. These studies have yielded some useful conclusions about what it takes to become successful, such as self discipline, goal setting, and other skills. Before we get into the question of how one becomes successful, however, we have to determine what success is.

We suggest that your first step towards greater achievement in your life should be to describe your ideal life. Review each area of your life and ask yourself what you would improve if you had the opportunity. If there were no limitations to what you could achieve and you had everything you needed (including the right education, contacts, savings account or anything else you might need), what would you choose?

Let’s start with your business endeavours. If you could choose any career, what would it be? What company would you like to work for in the next few years? Would you like to launch your own business instead of working for someone else? Most importantly, once you determine an answer to these questions, you must ask yourself what you would need to do in order to make these dreams a reality.

You could continue and ask the same questions regarding your family situation, health and fitness levels, and financial circumstances. You could write down a list of dreams that covers each of these areas in more detail. Note down on a piece of paper what kind of house you would like to have, what kind of salary you would like to be making in a few years, what kind of health and fitness improvements you can make in your life, how much money you would like to have in the bank, and any other improvements you can think of. You can and should do this for each area of your life. Do not simply focus on the material things, but rather include some ideas of how you could improve your character and become a better person as well.

The answers to these important questions are not set in stone, and you can always come back to this list and revise it as necessary. The point is to get you thinking along the lines of how to improve your life. Once you begin to identify what you would like to change, the next step is to simply ask yourself what you would need to do in order to achieve these things. In this way, you can move from generalizations, dreams, and fantasies to more specific goals and ultimately a step-by-step plan that you will work on over the next several months and years.


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