How to Be Cool Millennial

Today, the youth is tended to bounded to the screen. In extreme case, they are idiotically hypnotized by their smartphone. Such a controversy, right? Most of you will highly decline those notions because you feel you are not. Yet, the fact is that we unconsciously tend to be like that. Just ask yourself, after you wake up what the thing you hold first? Smartphone, right? Like it or not, you are categorized to the millennial who is idiotically hypnotized by  smartphone and typically today’s youth who is a millennial are trapped in hedonism, self centered, and not aware toward the environment.

If you don’t agree with the characteristic of today’s millennial, we as a youth should started to take an action to change people’s stereotype toward us to be the Cool millennial who could inspire all the earthlings in across nation. Then, here are three basic tips to be a cool millennial:

  1. Social Media Fasting.

Social Media Fasting. What do you think? It’s kinda cool and challenging, isn’t it? Physically, we need fasting to make ourselves stay healthy and balance ourselves. So do our mental health. It is extremely important to maintain it. While, as we know when we open our social media, there are a lot of possibilities that could influence us. The dangerous one is the negative one. For instance, when we open our instagram and see the explore that is absolutely the source is coming from various people who have different background. Some of them are aware to spread positive content only. Unfortunately, the rest of them haven’t been aware yet. Just imagine right after we wake up, open instagram and find out the negative content, it will ruin our whole day because we will feel worry and insecure seeing those kind of contents at the beginning of the day. Thus, we should do social media fasting to balance our life. How long? It is minimumly 2 days and maximumly 7 days or in a week. By doing social media fasting, we will get several advantages, first we can create more work rather than only our screen, reduce the radiation of smart phone, and most importantly make our mental state is healthy.

#It’s time to challenge yourself!

  1. Spread Inspiration in Social Media

Basically, we use social media to communicate with our friends whether friends from our own country or overseas or just stalk someone who we love, idols, or maybe our ex. Hihi Now, we need something new to do. It is time to be inspirator for ourselves and for the world. What inspiration that we could spread to the world? It is in vary. It can be started from a very little thing like posting good quote to motivate people for instance. Then, other thing we could spread is depend on our preference or talent. For instance, if we have passion on English, we could share our knowledge to people who probably haven’t received the knowledge. Other option, if we like to write, we could write something valuable that could move people to do positive movement. Otherwise, if we could draw, we can daily upload our drawing that is consist of positive message and we also could ask other netizen do the same thing as a drawing challenge for instance.

#Let’s spread Inspiration Not Hate

  1. Take Movement by Joining Cool Event

After we’ve successes to be more peace to ourselves by not that bounded by the screen and step by step spreading inspiration in social media, it’s time for us to take bigger action to be cool and positive millennial. How? We could register for every positive events that could enrich our knowledge and experience so that at the end of the day  we could ask other people to do the same things like we do. First, we can go on a positive campaign to make society aware of current issue and do little action. There are so many campaigns that we could assign such as environmental campaign and peace campaign. Then, we could also assign the youth event like joining summer camp, student exchange, and competitions. Firstly, we could measure on what level we are when we join those events as in those events there are a lot of aspects that we should pass to see that we are eligible or not. Most importantly, when we join those kind of events, we will be more open minded since we meet a lot of people coming from different background. Then, we also could exchanges our ideas in order to solve world’s problems and create the betterment for this world together. If not now, when? If not us, who? Don’t think too much just started a little action for the biggest impact.


Let’s be positive force in our communities and reborn as a cool millennial!




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