How to Enjoy Your Daily Online Class : “Some Tips for Online-life Students”

No matter what year is it, what era is it, nor even where it takes place, you’re always going to face some ups and downs in your day. Sometimes, the “downs” could get unkind, it could ruin your whole day or even week. And this particular thing could be one of the reasons, we tend to highlight our bad day more than our good day. But, when it comes to facing this apparent day, motivating ourselves, in time like this, might be the best way to get things done and to keep up with our responsibilities. Especially with school works!

For us students, doing online learning these days, is just another day another daily routine, right? But, sometimes there would occur some boredom and tiredness of doing all the things just sitting in your room, try not to hunch your back, and stare still at your screen.

And to take care of that, we may have a solution for you!

Let’s see, have you ever heard of the ARCS model of instructional design? It is a motivational design process, created by John M. Keller, an American educational psychologist. This model includes a synthesis of motivational several concepts and theories that are clustered into four categories: attention (A), relevance (R), confidence (C), and satisfaction (S).

1. Attention

Let’s start with attention. Being all alone in your room, just by yourself with a laptop and perhaps notebook could get tedious sometimes. Also, it is very easy to get lost in your thoughts or even get distracted by the littlest thing possible. Losing your focus could happen when your brain gets exhausted. Don’t expect that you will study for 8 hours if that feels unrealistic, instead, you could work your way up by spending 1 to 2 hours to master the subject in matter. Our main aim here is how to stay managed keeping up with your class schedule, without direct guidance from our teachers, we need to have the initiative to look for more study references that I’m sure they’re just one click away on the internet.

2. Relevance

Relevance refers to your perceptions of the way you feel about what you’re studying. If at some point you feel like, what’s the point of all this, feels like you’re going the wrong way, remember what is your reason to pursue the particular matter you study for? When you get the answer to that, I’m sure you will find your strength to get back on your feet again.

3. Confidence

Confidence, it’s about believing in your abilities. With spending most of the time by yourself, sometimes you could forget how it feels like to be surrounded by the people who care and support you, hence it brings down your self-esteem. The lack of self-esteem might make you it could affect your vulnerability vulnerable and affect your learning performances, doubting and questioning every answer towards quizzes and decisions that are given to you. Those little voices in your head that keep whispering how not good enough you are or everyone is more qualified than you, let’s slowly turn it down and mute it. To overcome those voices, remember that learning is a process. You’re not alone. Most of your friends are going through or have gone through just what you’re experiencing now. Remind yourself how valued and competent you are.

4. Satisfaction

And the last is Satisfaction. Give yourself rewards by dedicating specific days for rest. After a full week of energy and mind draining with all of those online classes, spare yourself some treats. Eat your favorite dish while binge-watch your all-time favorite tv show or just sleep all day. But keep in mind you have to make sure that you’ve done your school works before.


How is it? After reading that way of motivation booster, aren’t you interested on trying that? Because, why not?! Maybe it’ll work on you🌟 

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