How To Improve Your Self Confidence


There are many things that you can do to improve your own self confidence. If you are working for yourself, you need to have confidence in yourself and know that you will succeed no matter what. Here are a couple of things that you can do to help you to improve your self confidence.
1. Spoil and Look After Yourself
Respect yourself and treat yourself with love. Look after yourself by treating yourself to a good pampering session every now and then. It could be in the form of a day at the spa or a special meal. Never feel guilty about spoiling yourself, because you deserve it. Look after your body and it will look after you. Make sure you eat well, get enough sleep and exercise daily.
2. Admire Yourself
When you look in the mirror at yourself, try to ignore all the flaws and focus on your good physical attributes. Everyone has good and bad points, and you just need to find those good ones ignore the bad. Accept that you are not perfect, work to change your bad habits and focus on your good attributes.
3. Good Friends
Instead of surrounding yourself with negative people, make sure you hang out with successful confident people who lift you up rather than pull you down. Your friends should be the ones who care about and encourage you and vice versa.
4. Positive Self Talk
Try to ban negative thoughts from your mind. Each time you think about something negative, change it to something positive. Instead of I don’t have, rather think of what you do have.
5. Don’t be Scared To Say No
You can say no. Your time is also valuable, so you should never feel guilty about saying no to someone. Set clear boundaries with others so that you don’t get walked all over.
6. Set Goals
If you set yourself small but achievable goals, you will boost your confidence when you reach them. Don’t set unrealistic goals or you will set yourself up for failure. Rather break them up into smaller steps that you can achieve one milestone at a time.
7. Be Thankful
Practise gratitude. Before you go to bed at night, focus on all the things that you are grateful for. We all have so much that we take for granted in our lives, and learning to appreciate what we do have will make us happier, healthier and more confident human beings.
Like anything change takes time, and you need to implement the above steps repeatedly to ensure that they become habits. In this way you can only improve your self confidence and the image you project out to the world.

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