How to prepare your exams

Hello fellas

Are you facing exams at university? Yes, of course, this is different with your exams in senior high school right? You must have different activities than your previous school right? Whatever joining a student activities unit or with a committee, do not forget to spend time playing with a new friend right?

Well here are some tips that can help you to prepare yourself for the exam.

1. Mark your test date!

After you know your test schedule, you must start to write it and mark your test date. The goal is to make your plan for exams and to be prepared not only study one day before the test. You can start to search for any materials for the exams until its time for you to study.

2. Find the materials for the exams and exams questions last year

In the last meeting lecturer usually give materials for the exam or you also can ask your lecturer. Do not skip the last meeting or you can miss the most important exam materials.

3. Set the learning time

After getting exam materials, you just need to make your study schedule.  You can also set your time to study. You can choose which one you want to study by yourself or with your friends.

4. Ask your friend to study

If you are a moody person, you can always study with your friend! You can make or join a group discussion. If you are forced by your community to study, you will study too right?

5. Discuss your study result with others

At your group discussion, you can discuss your study result with others. You can tell the answer for last year questions that you get. It makes you remember your study result.  besides that, you also will get new material from friends. so you will increase your knowledge

6. Pray

Last but not least, don’t forget to pray. After you have tried and worked hard, do not forget to pray. This will make your mind to think positive so you can do the test without the need to cheat.  I want to tell you if you caught cheating you will immediately get “E” mark that means you fail in the subject of the test because an exam in university is different from your school.  So, don’t ever think to cheat guys. Keep spirit!


Yea that’s all tips and trick for you, you can do it! See ya…

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