“Infinity of Minds”

Seven faculties fought, they hurled arguments to each other for the sake of their faculty pride. Call me exaggerated, but those faculties did their best to be the champ. It happened in the 11th Inter Faculty Debating Championship (IFDC) held on May 20th – 22nd, 2010 in Soemardjito Building area, Purwokerto, Central Java.

English debate has become trend. In order to accommodate the interest of Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed) students related with English debate, one of ways done is by conducting IFDC. SEF (Student English Forum), as Student Activity Unit that concerns with  things related with English Development in university level, annually conducts it. With IFDC, firstly we hope there will be a bit of bloods who will be debaters and adjudicators who represent Unsoed in national level English debate championships. Secondly, we hope it can tighten the bond among faculties in Unsoed.

The 11th IFDC was joined by seven faculties Economics, Law, Social and Political Sciences, Science and Engineering, Agriculture, Biology, and Medical and Health Sciences. For your information, in Unsoed there are majors merged into one faculty (red. until 2010). For instance, English Literature that becomes part of Social and Political Sciences Faculty. With the theme Infinity of Minds, we hope all people who joined the 11th IFDC can realize that our minds are actually infinite. Thus, let’s think outside of the the box!

One of interesting things from the 11th IFDC was the participants prepared their teams from long time ago. Several months before the 11th IFDC, they have started the daily trainings. Perhaps it sound crazy.

However, they were really enthusiastic in putting their shirts on for the sake of their faculty pride. IFDC has become arena for faculties in Unsoed to show their strengths in term of English debate and to struggle to be the strongest faculty.

Medical team from Medical and Health Sciences Faculty finally won the 11th IFDC after defeating Economics Faculty in the final round held on May 22nd, 2010 at night in Soemardjito Building, Purwokerto. In the match watched by Prof. Edy Yuwono, Ph.D., Rector of Unsoed, Medical team proved their strengths as the strongest team in the 11th IFDC. Furthermore, Medical, as the titleholder of the 10th IFDC, succeed maintaining the title on their hand, at least before there will be the champ of the 12th IFDC next year in 2011.

In the 11th IFDC, we also sold goods such as t-shirts in various colors, pins, and handmade stickers. Those are very interesting goods. These are the rests, so there are the goods that have not been sold yet. Thus, if you are interested to own those, just come to House of SEF, buy, and exhibit to your friends that you have other interesting goods bought in SEF. Don’t worry about the prices. the prices are economy-priced.

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