Improve your Spoken English Skills during Pandemic Covid-19

Greetings, Good People! It’s been almost two years since we lived in a pandemic situation.
Pandemic makes schools and colleges temporarily closed. People start to work and study from home. It can be a good sign for you if you are still wondering how to have good English speaking skills. When you are at home all day and have a lot of free time. You can dedicate some time to improving your English speaking skills. And, I bet you’re reading this because you want to improve your English speaking skills. Learning at home can be very enjoyable for you! So, here are easy and fun ways to improve your English speaking skills at home:

1. Imitate The Native Speaker
Imitating a native speaker is an effective way to improve your speaking skills. You can start by listening to a sentence in English. Then, pause the video and repeat a sentence. Don’t forget to record yourself while repeating the sentence. Last, compare the original video and yours. By comparing it, you’ll be able to see what you need to improve. This method can help you to improve your English speaking skills faster. Then, for the video, you can search it on Youtube by typing “English Speaking Practice.”

2. Practice with Movies and Music
One of the best ways to improve your English speaking skills at home is to listen to your favourite music and sing along. Listening to and singing songs help you learn intonation and pronunciation. It will help you to remember vocabulary and phrases in an easier way. Watching movies are also a better choice for learning English. That is why, by watching movies, you will learn new vocabulary, slang, idioms, and many more. Don’t forget to memorize that!

3. Read books aloud
Reading aloud from your favourite book is one of the best ways to improve your speaking skills. You can hear what you are saying and note which words sound wrong by reading aloud instead of just reading like you usually do. You can write down the words that might seem hard to pronounce. Just keep reading any good English book and adding the vocabulary every day to your list. It’ll improve your English speaking skills.

4. Talk to yourself
Have you ever felt pressured when speaking in English? If yes, the “talk to yourself” method can be an effective way to practice speaking in English. By talking to yourself or saying your thoughts out loud, you can be more fluent when speaking in English. Why? It means you are also fluent in translating your thoughts into spoken words. You can try it in front of the mirror. Good luck!


That’s all the tips about how to improve your spoken English skills during pandemic Covid-19! Pandemic won’t bother us to improve our English skills !

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