National English Movie and Essay Competition (NEMC) “Youth Gift For Indonesia”

National English Movie and Essay Competition (NEMC) is one of an English Competition among University Student through Indonesia, which is conducted by Student English Forum (SEF) Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto..This competition is devised as a contribution of SEF due to its vision and mission to introduce and develop English proficiency, particularly in University scope.

NEMC is aimed to advance critical thinking, creativity and English ability concurrently. Through this competition, undergraduates will expectantly be possessing better qualified potentials, so that can be precisely constructive for themselves, as well as for better changes within society.

NEMC is conducted first timely in this remarkable year, 2011 and designed as continuous event with better quality based on every deliberate evaluation after occasion. To ensure that this event welcomes and shares knowledge altogether, NEMC also provides a seminar respecting with essay and short movie, which is open for all regardless their specified role or position.

The organizing committee is really and truly working hard to prepare and to ensure that the first NEMC would be as memorable, extraordinary, flawless and competitive as possible. Then we pick “Youth Gift For Indonesia” as the theme. It reflects the youth’s spirit in expressing their potentials to contribute for our beloved nation through national scoped competition. By this theme, we cordially convey an expectation that all participants can exceptionally illustrate ideas and creativity to establish a high quality competition.

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