By Hana Pertiwi,

Purbalingga- as many as 45 organizers and consultative board of SEF UNSOED conducted management training 1 at 22nd – 24th of March 2019 yesterday. Management training 1 or MT 1 is held at strawberry guesthouse, pratin, Purbalingga. The event also collaborated with Unit Pandu Lingkungan as the in charge of rappelling.

“ MT 1 event is intend to coaching the organizers skill on work together as a team, and improve the bond between organizers, consultative board, and also another student activity unit with various fun activity “ said Naufal Rahman as the Vice President of SEF UNSOED on MT 1 event.

There are so many series of activity carried out during Management Training 1. Start from day one at 22nd of March 2019, when we arrived at strawberry guesthouse, we are cooking dinner together and continued with dinner together, the next day at 23rd of March 2019, we having some morning exercise and cooking contest. The cooking competition that held is cooking soup, mendoan, and sambal. Then, Continued with outbound that filled with posts and guarded by the Consultative Board, every post contain some fun games and it will train team togetherness.

In this Outbound, group divided into 3 groups with the leader is Arif, Naufal, and Thomas. With Carrying a mission to keep each and every oil in the container is intact, they go one by one. However in the half way, Group 2 along with Naufal as the leader is lost at the flower park so the group 3 arrived first in the post 3, but they are taking too long to decided the game.

Meanwhile, Group 2 that already going back to the right way made it to post 3 catching up group 3. Until, Jevon as Consultative Board Decided to duel of spilled egg and flour. The duel was won by group 2. Then, Continued to last post is rappelling guarded by UPL.

“ This is my first experience doing rappelling, I am really nervous, but my SEF friends here to cheer me up, they are yelled at me to cheer me up, so I can climb down the rappelling” saids Regita after climb down the rappelling on the bridge.

The event continued with drawing future goals. The organizers required to draw all of their wishes on one piece of paper. They divided into several groups, after that, Organizers spend the night by sing together, playing card, and playing guess Mr. White, Guess mr. white is so much fun with ica is always accused as Mr. White.

The next day at 24th of March 2019, MT 1 event is filled with Talkshow by SEF alumni, She is Mba Yanti Susanti and Mba Galuh. They Shared with us some of they Experience working with many Internasional Organization.

Then, Last event of MT 1 is shared and switch gift Award. Organizers form a circle and switching their gift, after that, CB announced who are the best group in MT 1, started from Cooking contest, the winner is Regitas Group, then drawing future goal contest is wined by Yuniars Group, and the outbound contest is winned by Thomas Group.

“we didn’t expected we gonna win this award. We just carrying the outbound mission and that is keep the oil is intact” saids Thomas after receiving the award.

MT 1 event is closed with take some picture together and cleaning up things. Then we going home to Purwokerto at 11:00 WIB. The event is over all is very successful in developing organizers skill work on a team.



  1. This event is successful. All the trainees have a bright future. Being in the field of management really gives you chances brighter future and comfortable living compared to other careers.

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