Organizers in Training 2011

In the senat room of Unsoed Rectorat Building 2nd floor, the Consultative Board of SEF conducted a meeting as part of Organizers in Training (OT) of SEF 2011 program in the aim of strengthening SEF relationship with the bureaucracy.

Vice Rector III, Mr. Imam Santosa, our Advisor, Ms. Ari Asnani, S.Si, M.Sc, Ph.D, SEF’s 2011 organizers and Several CBs are the participants of the meeting., It was officially opened by Mr. Imam Santosa, M. Si and followed by a brief but interesting presentation from Ms. Ari Asnani about SEF. The theme was ‘being together is priceless’ which was absolutely inspiring. Afterwards, the meeting was closed with interactive sharing and discussion. Ms. Ari emphasized on the importance of learning, team work, coordination and communication in order to achieve a solid organization. This will help to improve ourselves in achieving the quality that will be useful after we graduate from university.

During Q&A, some questions raised up. Having allowed by the moderator, which was Mr. Baharudin Yudha, SEF’s President 2011, Mr. Sadono Iswahyudi tried to ask about SEF position as a student activity unit in University level, different from that of in faculty level as the first question and how to encourage organizers to be more interested to get involved in any of SEF event as the second one. This first initiation encouraged some other organizers to bravely question about what kind of contributions that they could give as a sefer particularly and as an Unsoed student generally in order to achieve one of Unsoed mission that is going to be an International Varsity Level and what kind of support that Unsoed will give to the development of SEF based on the Unsoed local wisdom.

At the end of the occasion, as a form of appreciation from SEF, Ms. Andin Kurnia, as the chief of Consultative Board, gave such a souvenir for both of the speakers. And last but not the least, SEF family took pictures together to memorize this special occasion.

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