Post-Pandemic Management Training of SEF Unsoed 2022 Organizers

March, 13th, 2022. – The first-ever management training since the previous period that was able to be conducted both offline and online was an intriguing and exciting event that SEF has conducted. Management training itself is an occasion organized by the RnD (Research and Development) Department as a place that is given for the organizers of SEF to improve their organizational skills. For this period of management training, RnD has also held two sessions of talk shows with two different speakers: Nabila Dayani (Certified Personal Coach) & Nanda Yusnita (Digital Marketing Executive). With the theme The Journey” to know where we are & where we are going.

The essence of the talk show itself is to make SEF’s Organizers understand how to have good self-management so that they can achieve goals in their academic period which is also accompanied by organizational activities etc., and understand how to brand themselves as well, so that after graduation hopefully they can be ready to face the world of work. The point is to enhance the self-management of the organizers that the context is as students who have a lot of activities but can still achieve goals and how to brand themselves after graduating.

In between events, there are also exciting activities such as interactive games organized by our Consultative Board. To perform the game, the consultative board divided the organizers into three different groups, each group has its name, jargon, and a “couple” to be the representatives for their groupThe categories in the game are then contested to eventually get the winner consisting of the “best group”, the “best couple”, and the “best look”. One of the most interesting things in this management training was the dress code for the organizers that obligated to wear a formal party outfit. This specified dress code relates to the agenda of the event where at the end of the event will be determined for the winner of the “best look”. Last but not least, the activity closed with a “reframing” agenda in which the consultative board asked organizers to prepare a sheet of paper for them to be directed to write their anxiety, gratitude, and hope for the future to be better. Hopefully, with this management training, the organizers of SEF can be more professional and ready to face any problems under any circumstances.
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