Student English Forum has been succeeded in conducting the Public Relations Upgrading “Deal With The Public” on Sunday, November 10th 2021. This event has a purpose for improving SEF Organizer and SEF Member’s knowledge about how to gain networking by building a great personal branding. As a special event from SEF Unsoed, on this occasion, We have two great speakers who are well-experienced in the Public Relations field. The first speaker is Kak Nafia N. Hamidah, which well-known as a Community Coordinator at The importance of gaining networking is about building a beneficial partnership with other parties. A great long-term partnership will help our community to reach our goals. Kak Nafia delivered some main points to do before and after proposing a partnership. As she said, before offering a partnership to other parties, we have to make a good proposal. A well-prepared proposal that contains beneficial collaboration for each party will be a good start to propose a partnership program. Of course, it must be has a structured order of information to make the company understand enough about our partnership program. Well, the preparation is not just about making a good proposal… But, all we have to do is make a good presentation and how to make this partnership will give a lot of benefits! So, we get so many tips and tricks from Kak Nafia to answer the problem.

The second speaker is Kak Putri Jasmine. She is an Outstanding graduate from Universitas Padjajaran and also Runner Up None Jakarta Timur 2019. For this event, mostly we are talking about how to build great personal branding. Personal branding is the most significant part of gaining networking. A great first impression from a person will give a big impact on their career life. From Kak Putri Jasmine, we get a lot of new insight about how to know more about our ability and passion. Everyone who attends this event is excited to join the event. It is proven when we got a lot of questions regarding the presented material by the speakers.

Public Relations Upgrading “Deal With The Public” attended by several SEF Consultative Board and Alumni, Organizer, and Member from another English Club in UNSOED. We are pleased to make such a great event that can give a lot of new insight for everyone who joins in this event. Hopefully, we can have an opportunity to make another great event that can be useful for more people!

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