Prisoner’s Right to Vote

“When you are in jail, your right is just living”

This quote will appear when we know that the prisoner’s right will be lost if we are a prisoner. Prisoner is person who are suspected in doing crime and get punishment based on the law of certain country. They are claimed as a convicted that should responsible with that they have done.

In democratic country, the people choose their leader by voting. They give their vote in election of the president or the parliament. In status quo, the prisoners who are still has civilian title are fully banned to vote and do such things. The rule’s to ban prisoners to not give their vote is already implemented in several countries in the world such as United Kingdom.

People who agree with the status quo argue that vote banning of prisoners will bring deter effect for the prisoner. By limiting the right as civilian will make them aware that what they’ve done is wrong and to measure that the prisoners are different from normal civilian. Besides, the thing that should prisoners remind is the purpose of the jail is for rehabilitation process and as responsibility in the eyes of law. They’ve should not given attention as a full member of society as a sign to society that as a prisoners or people who do the crime is wrong from the first time. In democratic country this is fair because voting is just for normal society and good message for government that to be in jail is undesirable.

Several reasons in against this statement are whatever the condition of citizen in democratic country, they still have right as a civilian. As a human, freedom of giving voice is already existed since we born. Giving right to vote for prisoners are as a form of granting fundamental right as a human being. Besides, every part of country has right to determine the future of the country by the voice in voting that they has. Even if they are prisoners and convicted to commit crime, several reasons behind this action should be considered such as lack of financial and education. As a good government, these things should be their responsibility. This is showing that incapability of government in ruling their citizen.

The recent issue is about prisoners of the United Kingdom, Peter Chester and George McGeoch challenged a voting ban. These people are a murderer but they are fighting for their right in voting.

After reading the sentences above, surely many arguments in your mind about this whether you agree or disagree. Share it and let’s debate!

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