English Class


Education Department
Hai Unsoedian 🙋 Sedang membutuhkan persiapan test TOEFL atau mau lulus tes UEPT tapi belum dapet bimbingan atau kursus??? 🤔Kami bisa bantu loh!🤗 SEF Unsoed mengadakan kelas persiapan TOEFL/UEPT khusus untuk kalian! Meskipun kondisi yang tidak memungkinkan untuk keluar rumah, […]

Special Class

Education Department
Seeing that English as an international language is very important to be mastered, SEF provides class for group by cooperation with any institution who wants to learn English. This Special class is also available as a private class for anyone […]


Talent Development Department
If you’re looking for professional translation service, SEF Unsoed’s translator is the right choice. We provide English to Indonesia or Indonesia to English translation no matter the file or format of your documents. SEF Translation really up hold good service.