Psychotest Upgrading, A preparation to face work-field’s atmosphere

Being future oriented is one of SEF UNSOED’s concerns. By that term, RnD department that encompasses  on personality development of SEF organizers provides a newly enthralling yet helpful program called as Psychological Test Upgrading. Taking place at House of SEF, this magnetic program that attracts more than twenty organizers was held on 29th of June 2012. The program was directed by Mr. Ugung Dwi Ari Wibowo, S.Psi, M.Si., a psychology lecturer in Muhammadiyah University Purwokerto as the keynote speaker.

There were an introduction of some specific kinds of Psychology, different nature has different purpose. At that time, the focus was led into the preparation to face Psychology test for Work’s Interview.  The running of it was quite attractive by the existence of Q&A session. Organizers also was being tested by some sort of simulation tests, they are pursued by the flow of time while answering some tricky questions. At the end, the program was closed by the VOSEF’s giving from the President of SEF 2012, Fachrul Sidiq to the Speaker.

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