Research and Development Department


Research and Development Department (RnD)

Human is one of important thing in organization. Without human, organization can not run well and vice versa. Because human and organization have relations each other.

So, we have Research and Development Department which has responsibility in research and human resources to make development in SEF. The function of RnD is to make research for internal and external organization, recruitment for human resources, and developing organizer. Thorough research and well human resources we can developed organization. Hence, RnD always tries to give the best for SEF’s development.

Coordinator of Research and Development Department is Nakula Dwihananda Hartyanto from D3 Finance Administration 2019

With his staffs :

1. Regina Fatma Amalia Wijaya (Chemistry 2017)

2. Abimanyu Riska Subekti (Engineering 2018)

3. Anggun Nursita Sari (Management 2019)

4. Muchamad Asyharudin Wijanarko (Animal Science 2020)

5. Nadiva Ajeng Chairunisa (Management 2020)

6. Nuha Hanifah (Nutrition Science 2020)

7. Nurmalia Candra Oktaviani (Chemistry 2019)

8. Zalfaa Sherydian Sugiono (Mathematics 2020)