Research and Development Department


Research and Development Department (RnD)

Human is one of important thing in organization. Without human, organization can not run well and vice versa. Because human and organization have relations each other.

So, we have Research and Development Department which has responsibility in research and human resources to make development in SEF. The function of RnD is to make research for internal and external organization, recruitment for human resources, and developing organizer. Thorough research and well human resources we can developed organization. Hence, RnD always tries to give the best for SEF’s development.

Coordinator of Research and Development Department is Aisha Dara Shaina from Animel Husbandry 2021

With her staffs :

  1. Shofi Luthfia Hanifah (International Relations 2021)
  2. Diva Alena Fitriani (Marine Science 2021)
  3. Caesario Zidan (Law 2023)
  4. Lintang Azra Pradipa (English Literature 2023)
  5. M. Ridwan Alrafi (Mathematics 2023)
  6. Keyla Bening Larasati (English Literature 2023)
  7. Wirdayanti Muthoharoh (International Relations 2023)
  8. Disa Kamila Sakhi (Science of Nutrition 2023)

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