SEF delegates in Lintas Nusantara Remaja dan Pemuda Bahari II

As a continuously improving organization, SEF always optimizes every chance of self-developing and establishing good cooperation to any institutions. From 25th September to 15th October 2011, SEF sent a delegate to participate in Lintas Nusantara Remaja dan Pemuda Bahari II conducted by DIKTI. The lucky person who got the fortune was Aditya Nova Rizky, an English Literature student.

The activity, which was directly supervised by DIKTI, was one of shipping activities across islands of Indonesia aimed for teenagers and youth to familiarize thm with some ‘unexplored’ places. It was divided into two terms namely WABE, Wakatobi and Belitung, both were actually going through in the same circuit, but in particular, Wakatobi was specifically for teens and Belitong was for youth.

With the “Clean Ocean For The Future” as the picked theme, the positive output targeted from this event are to increase the awareness of young generation upon Indonesian Natural Resources and to provide an opportunity for students and youth to learn and to recognize Indonesia more.

The Sail Belitong shipping’s route includes Jakarta – Natuna Islands – Batam – Dumai – Pacific – Pacific Islands – Jakarta. The total numbers of participants were 189, the navy also joined. After participating in several series of events, finally on October 13, 2011 it came to an end. The peak events include:

• Brief Socialization of marine, fisheries, concept of nationalism, leadership, maritime-based entrepreneurship.

• Interactive dialogue with the community and the academic community in every transited place.

• Review of travel and history

• Interaction and social events as well as tree planting program

• Bath Equator

• Performing cultural creations


Even though it was over, but it doesn’t mean that the passion of learning stopped at that point. Every chosen participant is demanded to transfer the knowledge and actualize anything that they got positively. Sail Belitong activity was officially closed by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Andi Mallarangeng, on October 15th in Jakarta.


Aditya Testimonial:

“Thank you DIKTI for organizing such a valuable program. I learned a lot from this program. Not only expand my personal insight, but also all friends from all over Indonesia. What I have learned during this event hopefully will be useful for my surrounding, especially in SEF, UNSOED and society in general. Thanks everyone who has supported me.”

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