SEF Journalistic Training 2018

Sunday, May 30th, 2018

Purwokerto, Central Java

On May 27th, 2018 Student English Forum has held a Journalistic training, an upgrading in Public Relation Department.
as our requirement for newcomers of journalist in SEF, we hope this upgrading make the serious improvement in journalistic skills.

A special speaker from SKETSA was invited to give us a ability of Journalistic skills. She is Intan Rifiwanti, former sketsa executive director.
She gives us basic journalistic training. Like news processing, How to make a good title, How to interview, How to herding public opinion., etc.

The upgrading lasts for 2hours started at 2 pm and ended at 4 pm. 16 organizers participate in this program. They listening to the speaker and try to write which is important about the topic.
After material exposes the speaker, Intan opens for a question session. many organizers interested and ask a question about journalistic.
the speaker answers clearly about organizers question and tries to make it very understandable. after the session last, we from Public Relation Department give some souvenirs to the speaker and give a thank you to the speaker.

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