SEF Newbies on Bawor Cup 2012 emerged to become Semifinalist of Novice

On 12 – 15 July 2012 was a lucky days for Purwokerto when the great debaters from universities in Indonesia came to attend the debate competition, Bawor Cup.  More than 50 teams gathered at Yustisia Building 2 Law Faculty to participate in Bawor Cup, which used British Parliamentary System. UNSOED also sent their best representatives, they were from EFEC (Economics Faculty), EDC, JEC (Law Faculty), BEST (Biology Faculty) and SEF UNSOED, University level Student Activity Unit. After having 6 preliminary rounds, UNSOED got three teams  being breaking teams with 2 teams in the novice. Resa & Hafidz from EFEC became Quarter-Finalist in the main category & Rahma with Alan Along with SEF’s team broke to the novice.  SEF UNSOED team was represented by Yunas Pamatda from Science & Engineering Faculty, 2011 & Andhita Y. Pramanik from Social &  Political Science Faculty, 2010 as you displayed on the picture above.

After showing their best arguments under the motions of EURO Gambling’s solvency, Public Policy in Vienna & etc, these potentials newbies have to end up being semifinalist in Novice Bracket. This tourney was not the first time for them, Yunas has managed to become SEF’s debater in Asian English Olympics 2012 & Panel Adjudicator in PNDC Lampung 2012, while Andhita was the First Runner-Up on Newbie Let’s Do It Jogja Debate Competition as well as being Breaking Adjudicator in JOVED 2012.

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