SEF Unsoed 26th Duty Handover

Student English Forum (SEF) has done the duty handover on Wednesday (17/01) in 1st floor of rectorate building. The transition of power from Agni Noor Muhammad’s administration (President of SEF 2017 period) to Jevon Tama’s (President of SEF 2018 period) has begun.

This agenda followed by thirty-nine new organizers from different faculty in UNSOED. In duty handover, all new organizers read the oath lead by Chief of Student Affairs and Alumni Drs.  Akhmad Suheli, MM. In his addressing, he said that UNSOED students can compete well with another university, by showing good performance in various fields, either national or international.  UNSOED already held English debate (National University Debating Championship/NUDC) and in every period UNSOED managed to reach national level. “In the end of April NUDC 2018 will be held at UNSOED level. We hope SEF can prepare as maximum as possible. Minimally two groups can participate in this competition, and SEF would reach the first winner”, he hoped.

In that opportunity, Chief of Student Affair and Alumni saying thank you for the President of 2017 period and organizers who already fight last year, and congratulate the new organizers. “I hope under the new leader, SEF UNSOED team could reach international level”, he said.

President of SEF 2018 period said SEF will be able to give new innovation and give a lot of contribution to the university. Related to some big occasion such as SEF Anniversary which contain various special programs. “Moreover, about facing NUDC and English class program,” he added.

Be one step forward!

Never give up!

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