SEF Unsoed Breaking Soegijapranata Debate Championship (SDC) 2020

The SEF UNSOED debate team, sent its representatives to take part in the debate competition. The debate competition this time is called Soegijapranata Debate Championship 2020 (SDC) which is organized by Unika Soegijapranata. This competition was conducted online via Discord Application, starts from 20th – 21st July 2020 with twelve teams of participants. The system in this debate competition is the Asian Parliamentary, SEF Unsoed itself sent two teams and each consisting of three debaters. The first team is UNSOED B, which consists of Resha Monica Putri (Accounting 2018), Terra Dei Alibazah (Mathematics 2018), and Sofyana Kusuma Wijaya (Communication Science 2017), then for the second team, UNSOED C which consists of Novita Hikmatul Guntari (International Biology 2018) ), Angela Futura (Communication Science 2019), and Devi Nanda Bayti Rahma (Management 2018).

In the competition at that time, there were three preliminary rounds, UNSOED C team did not pass the preliminary round. However, the Unsoed B team at that time got twice for 1st rank and once for 2nd rank, then when the announcement of the breaking team, UNSOED B team managed to qualify and had the right to advance to the pre-semifinals, with a record of two Victory Points. UNSOED B passed to the pre-semifinals along with five other teams, namely UNDIP C, UNIKA B, UNDIP B, UKSW B, and UKSW A. In the pre-semifinals round, UNSOED B faced UNDIP B, this time UNSOED B team obtained a 2nd rank, therefore they were unable to qualify for the semifinals round.

However, Unsoed B has made it to the pre-semifinals and became a breaking team, this is a proud achievement. For all of the debaters, keep on learning and looking for as much experience as possible, keep your spirit up for unsoed SEF debaters. Thank you for the achievement. Hopefully, the experience can be a valuable lesson for the future.

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