SEF Unsoed successfully held The 9th Jenderal Soedirman Debating Championship

This debate competition using Asian parliamentary system. Each match confronts two teams and each team consist of 3 person and also allowed points of information. There are two round on this competition which is Preliminary and also Elimination round with 8 best of the best team.

The 9th jsdc joined by 18 participants all around java. SMA N 2 Jakarta get through into the final round after beat SMA IT Al-Irsyad Purwokerto in the semifinal Round. In the final round, they faced the delegation from Semarang that is SMA N 2 Semarang A that already beat Sma Full Day School Al-Muttaqin Tasikmalaya in the semifinal round

In the final, SMA N 2 Jakarta was 3.5 points ahead of SMA N 2 Semarang A, and was entitled to bring home the Trophy. The overall results of the 9th Jenderal Soedirman Debating Championship 2019 are:
Champion 1: SMA N 2 Jakarta
Champion 2: SMA N 2 Semarang
Champion 3: SMA IT AL-Irsyad
Best of the Best Speaker: Raynathan Christopher (SMA N 2 Jakarta)

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