“Tell Me About Yourself!” : How to Introduce Yourself in English

Nowadays, English is the important thing that you should know. Why? Because you may need to use English when you’re going to other countries, in English class, in International school, at your new workplace, at a big event, or even at a job interview. You don’t want to be embarrassed because you can’t speak English, right? So, here I am to tell you little tips on how to introduce yourself!

  1. Greeting

The very first thing that you need to introduce yourself is a greeting. You can use formal greetings or informal greetings. Just look at the situation with who you are talking to.

For example, if you are at a big event, you can use the formal greetings :

“Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!”

But if you’re a student in the international school and talking to your new friend, you can use informal greetings :

“Hey!” or “What’s up?”


  1. Your name

There is a proverb “If you don’t know me, then, you would not know who I am” so let’s tell them your name. You can continue your greetings then your name.

For example :

“Hey! I’m Kaleb.”

Or you are talking through telephone you can say it :

“Hi! This is Kaleb speaking.”


  1. Location

Talk about where you are from or where you are living. For example :

– “I’m from Indonesia.”

– “I’m Indonesian.”

– “I was born and raised in England.”

– “I was born in England, but raised in Indonesia.”

– “I’m originally from Padang, but I’m now in Jakarta.”

– “I’ve been living in Jakarta for three years.”


  1. Position and company

If you are introducing yourself to your new friend and you want to tell them where you work, you can say it :

– “I work at Unilever in the marketing department”

– “I’m joining SEF organization in the public relations department”

– “I’m a manager at Unilever Company”

– “I work as an Accountant”


  1. Qualifications

If you are at a job interview, you must tell them about your qualifications, you can say it by :

– “I’m a marketing graduate.”

– “I have a bachelor of arts degree in marketing.”

– “I am a nutrition science postgrad.”

– “I’m currently taking a course in graphic design.”


  1. Experience

If you want to talk about your experiences in your previous job or organization you can say it by :

– “I have three years of experience in the marketing field”

– “I have two years of sales experience”


  1. Hobbies

If you are in the new circle, maybe you are just in the university, you must be talking to the stranger and hobbies could be a common thing to talk to. For example :

– “I’m a big fan of football”

– “I’m a keen runner”

– “I like swimming”


  1. Age

Age maybe not be necessary anymore. However, this is important for you to know how to say it. The basic one, you can say :

– “I’m seventeen years old”

Or if you don’t want it specifically, you can say it :

– “I’m in my middle twenties”



Here’s the example of paragraph introduction


“Hi! My name is Lucy. I’m 25 years old. I was born in Sweden but raised in Australia. I like swimming in my free time but sometimes I just read a book. I have a bachelor of arts degree in marketing, I have 3 years of sales experience, and now I work as a manager at Unilever company.”


Those are the little tips for you guys who need to introduce yourself in English. Hope it will be beneficial for you who wants to go to an interview or just chit chat with strangers or tourist in your country. Let’s try it! Good luck!

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