The Ladies Night

 The Ladies’ Night

The Ladies’ Nights are often found at liberal country. It is a kind of promotional action from a bars or night club which gives a discount for drinks and covers the charge to female patron or attendance. It’s found at several states in United States and become popular in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Ladies Nights provide free beverage to female patrons in order to encourage further patronage for female patron. It is such a responsibility for feminist movement to either against its existence or to support it.

The essence of The Ladies Night is giving better service for female. It means that there is different treatment and different policy attributed by sex. Some states against it because it creates gender discrimination for female because it gives better service for female than for male. And the purpose also encouraging one sex and discouraging the other. Moreover in California, the states already condemn it because it against the Unruh Civil Right Act which clearly state that all person within jurisdiction are free and equal, no matter what their sex, are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, and facilities. It is also not in line with the feminism spirit. Feminism stands for women equality and empowerment. The Ladies Night are both promoting gender inequality and giving affirmative actions for women to come to bars.

In the other part of United States, especially Washington are found not prohibit these kind of discount. Ladies Nights are found not to violate state anti-discrimination law or the federal constitution. The Supreme Court believes that this kind of promotion is only encouraging female to come rather than discouraging the male. And it implies that the bars need equality in attendance so that bars are not exclusively attributed for male. In Illinois, The ladies nights are still upheld by the anti discrimination law Dram Shop Act. In Minnesota, the same thing also happened. As a feminist of course, we have to support The Ladies Night, because it gives benefit for female and against it means we loose our benefit. Just see it as the common way to attract certain part of society to come to the bar, not the discrimination.

In the end, every state has their reason to support or against The Ladies Night. Some argues because it creates discrimination based on sex, in other hand, the states which support it, claim that it was usual discount that done by so private actors. In feminism, there is still a question on whether or not policies which benefiting female should be rejected in the name of equality.

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