Hello fellas, How are you today? Hope you are in good mood. Have you known about IVED? IVED is Indonesian Varsity English Debate is the first competition of english parlementary debate in Indonesia for university level. It held once a year since 1998 until now. In 2018, IVED held in Mercu Buana University start from 26th-30th January. The competition is followed by 44 universities included Jenderal Soedirman University, that’s make quite strict competition because of the participants that come from university across indonesia .
IVED have very high competitive level, it’s good for Unsoed debaters to impove their debate skill because of many professional debater and high level motion. That’s why Unsoed sent their delegates to compete in IVED to become more expert in debate. The delegates from Unsoed is Jevon Tama Sianipar (Chemistry, 2015), Galih Yoga Saputro (English Literature , 2015) , Andre Wisnu Nusantara (Marine Science, 2015) and N1 adjudicator Dyan Suci Prasetyowati (Communication Science, 2016).
There are two round in IVED, Preliminary and Eliminary. In prelim, they compete with 6 universities which is UGM, UNTIRTA, ATMA JAYA, IPB and Brawijaya. After accumulated from those 6 matches, Unsoed’s delegation got 3rd breaking team in novice level. Then they compete with UNDIP in novice semifinal round. Unfortunately they closely lost only in margin 0.5. In the other side, N1 (Dyan) got breaking adjudicator to the next level because she passed standard above average value.
Based on the result, It shows that Unsoed delegates were lack in preparation than other university that already have better preparation such as ITB, UGM, or UI. “The preparation we did for IVED was only watching debate videos and discussing several things with coaches. We never did any formal training as a team. So it’s more like suicide squad” admit Galih. Dyan as N1 added “Actually the preparation is unconditional, there is no intensive preparation”.
We hope the result of IVED 2018 will make some motivation for Unsoed debaters to join national or regional debate competition and also have a better preparation such as routine training to compete in national or regional debate competition. Finally, we hope that IVED 2018 will be the starting point to Unsoed can get achievement in debate field not only breaking but also become the champion.

Yuli Amelia

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