Writing? Why not!

Writing? kinda bad sound, isnt it?  Definition of writing is activity to write something idea in your mind to give idea or opinion in writing by using pencil, pen, felt-tip marker in the media paper, stone or the others. Since was a young, the human learn how to write the idea or opinion in their mind. in school, the student’s learn how to make a good writing and learn to convey their idea and opinion. They were trained to make confident from their write. according an expert “writing is frequently useful as preparation for some other activity, in particular when students write sentences as a preamble to discussion activities (Harmer, 2004:33)

These are some positives that you can obtain from writing :

First, writing train your critical and systematical thinking. When you write persuasive paragraph to alert people about the problem in their society and circumstance, certainly, during the process of constructing the paragraph, there are several questions in your mind; why is it wrong? What is the cause? How to solve it?. To convince people to make betterment, you should construct your idea logically and convincingly. During the process of writing you also should arrange your ideas systematically to make your paragraphs well understood.

Second, writing helps to increase your mind memory. We know that the human ability in remind something is limited. Everything can not be remembered by. Sometimes you forget about activities that you should do. Writing will help you to remind you to do your activities.

Third, writing sharpens the observation. When you go to beautiful place or eat delicious food, you can write them down. Someday when you can re-open your writing, you will be reminded and be more alive by those experiences.

Fourth, by writing you can get friends, knowledges, even earn money. Nowadays, there are many medias to express and share your ideas, such as blog, twitter, and facebook. By those medias, you writing could be read, acessed, and responded easily by other. Perhaps, when you write paragraphs, several people will like your paragraphs, and they will be your friend, or your paragraph will be responded by a publisher and you will be paid for it.

In conclusion, writing is a beneficial activity. Bring benefit not only for yourself also other. You can share knowledges, earn money, get friends, and others. Let’s write, and begin your paragraph.

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